Diamante with its 8 km of beaches with different combinations of sand and color, crystal clear sea make it one of the favorite tourist destinations of Calabria.


Walking through the streets of Diamante has the feeling of visiting an open air gallery.


Enjoy sunsets while walking only one of most Italy's famous natural terraces!


The Hot Pepper Festival is an event dedicated to the King of the typical Calabrian products. Tastings, Entertainment, Music, and debates will enliven your evenings in September.


One of the two islands of Calabria is a real gem and natural environment where you can spend relaxing days on the boat.

Ruins of Cirella

The old "Cerillae" is rich in history and architectural remains relevant. Perched on a small promontory, from which you can admire a unique landscape, is formed by the ruins of the settlement. Walki...


The Theatre of the Ruins of Cirella with events of national and international reputation will be the backdrop to your evening dedicated to the show.

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Holidays in Diamante the heart of the Citron Riviera


Diamante, City of Murals and Hot Pepper

Diamante(CS), Calabria


A holiday in Diamante today is the ideal place to find their own natural rhythms, away from the chaotic reality of every day. Here the flavors and the warmth of Calabria, softened by the delicacy of local products are intoxicating. The beaches of sand from different combinations and colors are an ideal place to rediscover the pleasure of walking by the sea.  The absence of big cities mean that there is a splendid sea to dive and enjoy sunbathing.

There are many attractions of cultural and artistic heritage of Diamante, among which: the murals, making Diamante a true "air museum", the ruins of Cirella (the old "Cerillae") and the Theatre of the Ruins, rich theatrical and musical events national and international, the Roman Mausoleum and a short distance, the Convent of Minims.

The natural heritage consists of unique sights in the whole of Calabria, as the Cirella island and the La Valva park that connects Diamante and Buonvicino through a path surrounded by greenery and situated beside the Corvino River.

Who decides to spend a holiday in Diamante, who can not participate in the "Movida" that takes place between the characteristics of the downtown streets where thousands of young people gather to listen to good music, sipping cocktails and tasting the local delicacies.

In September, do not forget the "Festival of Hot Pepper" which takes place at Diamante since 1992. The event lasts about a week, in which are held tastings, exhibitions, cabaret, presentation of books and medical conferences.