Diamante the heart of the Citron Riviera is named "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" for its beautiful landscapes that surround the sea and mountains in a single embrace.


Belvedere the center of the Citron Riviera shows itself in all its glory between castles, churches and monuments.


Tourist center and resort, rich in history and traditions, with the old town perched to dominate the modern overlooking the wide beaches.


GREAT BOW is the most famous beach in sought after by tourists for the show that nature offers. Water feature very cool because it does not heated by the rays of the sun throughout the day.


Praia a Mare with the powerful Dino Island and its caves to visit. Do not miss the show of colors that can be seen in the "Blue Grotto".


From hiking to horseback riding, from quad biking to rafting in the gorges of the river Lao. To visit Orsomarso, Mormanno Papasidero with his Romito's Cave.

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Holidays in Calabria in the Citron Riviera

La Riviera dei Cedri, Calabria


The Citron Riviera identifies a strip of territory in Calabria characterized that are located immediately behind the coastal area. The name derives from the widespread cultivation of varieties of citron.

Municipalitiesof the Citron Riviera: Tortora, Aieta, Praia a Mare, San Nicola Arcella, Scalea,  Verbicaro, Orsomarso, Santa Domenica Talao, Santa Maria del Cedro, Grisolia, Maierà, Diamante, Belvedere Marittimo and Buonvicino.

Starting from Diamante(CS), certainly the most representative tourist center of the Citron Riviera, you can visit the many natural attractions, arts and entertainment related to the summer season, found throughout the coast.

Citron Riviera : traditions, flavors, colors and culture of Calabria!